New Car, Holiday, Home Improvement, an affordable loan from Lincolnshire Credit Union could help you to make it happen

Many high street banks have a minimum loan of £2,000 – and do not cater for people with less than perfect credit history. 

There are many lenders who spend a fortune on advertising, but this is reflected in the interest rates and fees they charge.  A Credit Union loan may save you money, and give you more cash to spend on the things that matter.

• Easy to apply
• No hidden costs
• No penalties for paying off early
• Affordable, flexible repayments
• Highly competitive interest rates
• All applicants considered, regardless of personal circumstances
• Poor credit considered
• The interest you pay stays in our local economy
• You are borrowing from a Credit Union, we are not-for-profit

We do not lend for business purposes and we do not lend to individuals to allow them to lend on to a third party but apart from that we will consider loans for almost any purpose.

We do review your credit file and will ask to see recent bank statements and wage slips.

In some cases we will consider lending even where there is a very poor credit history.

When assessing a loan application, our main concern is understanding if the loan repayments are affordable.

Very recent credit file issues and/or unpaid items on your bank account may be a sign that you are struggling to afford existing commitments.

If you are currently subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, Debt Relief Order, Bankruptcy Order, Debt Management Plan or similar, we will not be able to lend.

Generally, we do not consider a new loan application if you have applied within the last 3 months.

Before you borrow you may want to review:

If we approve a Credit Union Loan or a Personal Loan we will ask you to save alongside your loan repayments. 

What type of loan is best for you?

Credit Union Loan

New and existing members can apply

Personal Loan

At the current time only existing members can apply.

Homeowner and Payroll loan

New and existing members can apply

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