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New Lincolnshire Credit Union Chairperson wants to modernise the credit union

Date added - 21 Apr 2016

Our new Chairperson, Nicoya Palastanga, hopes to see the Credit Union fulfil its potential in helping those in financial difficulties as well as providing a service for everyone across the Lincolnshire area.

Nicoya, who has been a member since 2012, wants to introduce more partnerships with businesses, aiming to get more organisations involved in offering the credit union service.

Nicoya who was voted in as Chairperson at the recent Annual General Meeting in March works as a Partnership Manager for West Lindsey, Lincoln and North Kesteven councils. For the past three years she has been working to prepare people for the changes of Universal Credit.

Since joining in 2012 she has been pivotal in providing a base within the Guildhall at Gainsborough. She hopes to bring the credit union into the modern age, not only helping those in financial difficulties but providing a service to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances.

Nicoya stated that:

‘I work to promote the benefits of credit unions, including LCU in financial capability projects across the county, supporting financial mentoring and access to financial products for vulnerable groups such as offenders.

‘In one of our recent projects a woman came in worried that she had been approached by a loan shark and didn’t know what to do. I want people to be more aware that credit unions can provide loans at affordable rates, so if they do get approached by loan sharks they know where to go. People seem unaware of the existence of credit unions and it’s vital that people know there is an alternative to loan sharks and payday lenders.

‘A key to achieving growth is working with major organisations across the county offering our services to their employees. Although credit unions help those in financial difficulties we also offer competitive rates on savings and loans for everyone. Many have this perception that credit unions are exclusively for people in debt or on a low income but we are there for everyone and we offer a financially savvy service.

‘I hope I can bring more partnerships, grow the board and get more people using the credit union. I want people to recognise there is a financial alternative and get people to understand that the credit union is here to help.’

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