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Competition winner praises credit union staff and fantastic service

Date added - 15 Apr 2016

We’d like to congratulate Anne from Grantham on winning the £50 prize money when she completed a membership survey earlier this year. Anne, who has been a member for three years, first got involved with credit unions when she saw the credit union on the TV.

“The programme said credit unions were a great place to put money away and they also offer affordable ethical loans. I quickly went down to the Lincolnshire Credit Union and the service was so quick and easy I was able to set up an account in no time. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly and gave me all the advice I needed.”

The Lincolnshire Credit Union is also there if you ever encounter any financial trouble in life. If you need a new washing machine or if you need a small loan for a holiday we’ll be there.

Anne suffered a financial set back when her car broke down last year. Needing a quick repair the credit union stepped in to offer her the support she needed.

“When my car went up the creek the credit union was there to help. I was able to get a quick loan with easy affordable repayments within minutes. If it wasn’t for the credit union I would have been stuck without a car with no way of getting to work.

“The credit union is a fantastic service and can even help people with bad credit history. If you’re prepared to save you will gain access to more loans and it is a fantastic incentive to save more.”

At the Lincolnshire Credit Union we are always here to help those in financial trouble or to offer anyone who wants a small loan a quick fix. If you want more information about getting a quick affordable loan call us Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm on 01522 873550.